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All Kinds of Games

While we focus on sandbox games, We also play some of the latest RPGs and FPS games. Atlas, Ark, 7 Days to Die, Creativerse, Elder Scrolls Online, Satisfactory, Minecraft are just a few of the games we play.


We are a community of gamers that enjoy each others company as much as we love gaming.  We are a diverse group from all over the world.  We enjoy a stress free play style and are all adults.

Our Motto

We strive to provide a unique, mature place that we can all have fun playing the games we love together.

Crimson's Discord and Hosted Games

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Crimson Alliance Discord

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Ark Servers

Our Ark: Survival Evolved cluster consists of 1 PVE Map (Crystal Isles) and 5 PVP Maps

Crystal Isles PVE
Valguero PVP
Ragnorak PVP
Extinction PVP
Aberration PVP
TheCenter PVP

7 Days to Die

Our 7 Days server is PVP on a 16K map, Difficulty 4, 18 Hour Daylight, Survive if you can!

Crimson Survival PVP

Conan Exiles

Increased Harvest rate
No Nudity
Roleplay Gear
LT's Compass
The Cold Embrace
Exiles Extreme
Kerazods Paragon Leveling
Better Thralls
Pippi Admin

Crimson Alliance Conan Exiles